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The improvement that adding custom stonework makes to your property is immeasureable. Take a look at these transformations and visualize them in your home…

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First, Carl will sit down with you to discuss what you are looking to accomplish and you'll receive a free estimate in a timely fashion. Next Rockland Pavers reviews the procedures for completing your project in as much depth as you desire.

Then Rockland Pavers assist you in choosing the type of pavers or stones and finalize your design and all the other aspects of your job. We even ensure that the stabilizer compound -the "grout" that goes between pavers to help prevent weed growth- matches the color of your pavers.

Once Rockland Pavers has begun work on your project, you will have one of our qualified foremen on the site at all times. You'll be seeing quite a bit of Carl as well. He stops by every job site every day to discuss the progress with his foreman - this is done to ensure your full satisfaction.

Before Rockland Pavers leave your home, you can be sure you'll be left with a level and graded artful stone or paver project.